Alice Salamanca, know my biography, my story, my mission and purpose
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Alice Salamanca

Johana Alicia Salamanca Camelo (Alice Salamanca) (born September 20, 1993) is an artist, businesswoman, composer and tarot reader. Born in Yopal, Colombia, Alice always had the gift of helping others.

From a very young age Alice was interested in spirituality; he enjoyed learning Tarot, Astrology and Esotericism. His life encounters and personal growth journey were the driving force in helping others overcome life's challenges.

Its purpose is to accompany, advise and help others to free themselves from anxiety, depression and mental burdens that do not allow people to unlock all their mental capacities and achieve any goal they set for themselves in life.

His commitment is to encourage others to discover their higher selves through mental and intuitive practices.

Producer of electronic music, Techno, House, which you can find on all digital platforms, Alice produces subliminal sounds and audios that help program the subconscious mind.